Travel diary of Roxy – the beginning

Hi there, dear fellow travellers and dreamers,

Dear Diary,

I started this blog to share with you my love for travel, nice places and new adventures. I will try to show you my experience as i try to discover this stunning world.

So far i have seen a small part of Europe, but i hope in my lifetime to visit all continents. I am from Romania, currently living in Constanta, near the city where i was born (Mangalia). We have a beautiful country waiting to be explored and i will try to show you the best parts. If you haven’t heard Charles, the Prince of Wales loves Romania, and many people once they visit they keep coming back for more. I will try to give more information about Romania in my next posts.

I have been in Germany (Berlin and Munich), Czech Republic (Prague), Austria (Vienna), Bulgaria (Sofia, Balcic), Greece (Athens and Thessaloniki) and last but not least i visited the islands of Malta.

I am new to blogging so any tips are welcomed.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me.






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