Discovering the secrets of Greece – Athens

Dear Diary,

June 2015 was the first time I was in Greece. After a very long road trip from Romania to Athens we arrived in the city of democracy tired but ready to discover what it has to offer.

A full two days we walked the streets of Athens, visiting  from the Syntagma Square where we saw the changing of the guards ceremony, the National Gardens, Acropolis complex and Acropolis Museum, the Panathenaic Stadium, the Ark of Hadrian and the Monastiraki Square just to name a few.

Among the numerous islands and exotic destinations of Greece, visiting the full of history Athens should be on top of your list. But you can manage to do both of those things, because near Athens, in Piraeus you can take a break from the busy city and join a ferry to the islands nearby. I visited Aegina for a day and it was a great experience.

What I didn’t like about Athens was that it was so crowded and packed with buildings.

What I loved about Athens was the Acropolis complex, you can take a breath of fresh air from there 🙂 it is truly amazing.

Have you been to Greece? What are your thoughts about Athens?


Acropolis museum
Acropolis from Monastiraki Square
Panorama view


Greek Parliament



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