Summer memories from Balchik Bulgaria

Dear Diary,

Summer memories are precious to me and today I am remembering the day we spent in Balchik, Bulgaria.

If it’s summer and you are in Romania or in Bulgaria at the seaside maybe you will be looking for some relaxing time doing something else other than sunbathing and swimming. If that is true, it’s not very hard to find your way to Balchik and its shady botanical garden.

The place feels very peaceful and calming with extraordinary views. You can visit the Palace of  Queen Marie of Romania which was the summer residence of the romanian royalty, many residential villas, a wine cellar, a monastery, a holy spring, the garden, a chapel and many other buildings.

We spent a couple of hours discovering this wonderful place and I mostly enjoyed its dreamy gardens.

If you want to buy a nice souvenir, you should take a look in the wine shop where you can taste and find the most special wines. I recommend the sweet rose wine, we had a good time sipping it when we got back home.

Enjoy the pictures and I hope you will get to make your own memories visiting Balchik!

Balchik Castle
Garden alley
Magnificent views
Botanical garden
Botanical garden


Full of flowers


At the waterfall


View from the top
Queen’s winery house rose wine



4 thoughts on “Summer memories from Balchik Bulgaria

    1. Hello! Dalboka it’a not a good destination in high season, it’s very crowded. Yes, we went to the restaurant on the left on the same day (14 august) but we had a very bad experience waiting 30 minutes just to find a table, terrible staff and some more waiting. Maybe next time we will try the restaurant on the right, the one you added in your comment.

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      1. Wow, that’s a very different experience than we had. We were there at the height of summer (twice), waited not at all, and had great service and food. In fact, we went to both restaurants and preferred the food and service at the one on the left (as you face the sea). That was in 2011 so perhaps things have changed. What a pity.

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