Our Eurotrip – first stop – Berlin

Dear friends,

Let me tell you about my first travel experience in a foreign country. In summer 2014, me and my Marian wanted to do something special. The main thing was to see Metallica on tour and as he was working in Germany and my birthday was on 06.07.2014, we planned out trip around their concert in Vienna on 09.07.2014.

I planned everything and because it was my first trip around Europe I was very excited to visit big cities. We picked Berlin, Prague, Vienna and Munich and we had just one week. On my birthday morning I left Bucharest and landed in Dortmund where Marian was waiting for me and so our journey begins.

We started our Eurotrip with Berlin. We stayed at the City Hotel Berlin East for two nights and from there it was easy to use the public transportation and get everywhere. After our check in we went to explore the city and our first stop was the Reichstag. Admission is free but you need to complete a registration online in advance.  We got there using the double deck bus – 100 or 200 from Alexanderplatz. There you get to visit the rooftop and the dome that offer spectacular views over Berlin. I felt very special just to be there and admire the city and the great arhitecture.

After the visit of the Reichstag we walked a lot from the Brandenburger Tor, where we drank Berliner beer, back to Alexanderplatz through the Unter den Linden Boulevard. I recommend you to do the same to get the feel of this wonderful city. You get to see the Humboldt University, the Opera House, the Berliner Dom and many other museums.

The second day in Berlin was  again a lot of walking (all the roadtrip was a lot of walking at the point that i got blisters on my feet but totally worth it). First stop for the day was the Berlin Wall Memorial with all its stories. It is really a place full of emotion and this gave me an uneasy feeling thinking about its history and meaning.

From there we found our way back to the center – Mitte – to get something to eat. We we’re nicely surprised that DDR Museum has also a restaurant and we ate there quite well. After that, the weather started to be rather rainy so we went and did a little shopping and went back to the hotel.

We had a little surprise in the hotel parking lot, we found our little private museum of vintage cars, probably because the owners were staying at the same hotel. Around 5 pm the rain stopped so we left the hotel thinking of going to get a feel of West Berlin in Kurfurstendamm. This is the place for shopping and having a good time. Many shops, bars and restaurants you can find here and I am sure there is a place for everyone.

Of course Berlin has much more to offer and the city deserves more than just 2 days to be discovered but we will leave than for the next visit.

Have you been to Berlin or do you plan on visiting this unique city? Please enjoy the photos, comment and let me know.

Reichstag Dom


Reichstag rooftop
Berliner Dom and Fernsehturm
Berliner Dom
Berlin Wall Memorial
Three Girls One boy Statue
DDR Museum
Food at the DDR Museum Restaurant
Vintage Skoda
Mercedes SL190
Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church





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