Our Eurotrip – last stop – Munich

Dear travelers and dreamers,

Our adventure continues with memories from our road trip’s last stop in Munich. After several days in Berlin, Prague and Vienna, (links: Berlin post, Prague post and Vienna post) on 11 July 2014 we arrived in the capital of the German land Bavaria. We were very happy because we planned to see Diana, a friend living in Munich for some years.

We met Diana in the city center in front of the splendid new Rathaus. We were so hungry and thirsty and after a bit of walking around we arrived at the Hofbrauhaus. We had a wonderful experience there and it’s the place to get a taste of Bavaria. After more walking and drinks we called it a night and went to the hotel.

The next day, as Diana suggested, we visited BMW Welt and the Olympia Park. BMW Welt was great, wonderful presentation and architecture, all the nice cars and the new technologies. You can find the newest BMWs, Minis and Rolls Royces. The entry is free at BMW Welt and for the BMW Museum it is 10 euros (for more information check here – BMW Welt).

A visit to the Olympia Park has a lot to offer, you can climb the Olympiaturm and get a nice panoramic view of the city and a Rock Museum, you can check the Sea Life and many other things (more info here – Olympia Park). We ate there too, at the restaurant Olympiasee, it was a great place for a quick and budget friendly bite.

After one park, we went to another park – the English Garden. What to do in this big park? Uhm…walk a lot, drink a beer, repeat until you get back in the city center. 🙂 That’s what we did.

Munich is the city I first tried sushi. I am very adventurous when it comes to food and I was very curious about sushi. I really liked it and I will eat more of it in the future.

Munich was so much fun, we walked a lot, smiled constantly, drank and ate loads. The weather was great and the city has a nice energy and cool vibe. I think that every summer day feels like Oktoberfest here.

Have you been or plan to go to Munich? What are your thoughts about it?


New Rathaus


Touch this for goodluck


BMW Welt



Walk of fame at Olympia Park
BMW Welt from Olympia Tower
Rock Museum at the top of Olymia Tower
English Garden
English Garden
Bavarian State Library



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