Cluj trip and Depeche Mode concert

Hey there dear followers,

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, it was really a hard time for me having to deal with a painful breakup, moving in Bucharest and getting my life back in order (I am still working on that). I planned a trip to Rome for April which didn’t happen and that left me with a bitter taste but hope I will see Italy soon.

Another trip planned for months in advance was the one to Cluj. The main reason was to attend the Depeche Mode concert and ย visit the city. I had very high expectations and in some points my hopes were met.

Let me start with the positive things – the old city center of Cluj is gorgeous, the architecture, the parks, climbing Cetatuia and seeing the magnificent views, the Botanical Garden is worth a visit too, every aspect of that was great.

The highlight of the trip was of course the Depeche Mode concert on Cluj Arena. It was my third time seeing my favorite band and the experience was really intense, I think it was the best concert ever (I have seen them twice in Bucharest, the first time they visited Romania in 2006 and the second concert in 2013).

The negative – service was bad and the slowest I have seen everywhere we went, for drinks and for food. The city was full of dust and a lot of construction and demolition was going on. Another thing that I didn’t like was that the communist part of the city is still the way Ceausescu left it.

It was a great experience and I am very grateful that I shared it with my best friend Alexandra, she is also the reason I started listening to Depeche Mode. The story is that one night when we were in highschool she texted me to watch their concert from Berlin on MTV and I was mesmerized.

If you plan on visiting Romania, Cluj should be on your list. For any information you can contact me anytime.

Hope you enjoy the photos!










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