Summer trip inspiration – Mdina and Rabat (Malta)

Hello people,

If you are looking for some summer trip inspiration, you are in the right place. I was in Malta last summer and it was amazing as you can see in some of my previous posts – Valletta, Gozo, Blue GrottoCruise around Malta and Something interesting about Malta. I will always keep a piece of Malta in my heart.

Today I will show you another part of my adventure in Malta and that is the stunning city of Mdina, the former capital of Malta. Also known as Citta Vecchia, Citta Notabile or Silent City, Mdina is located on a plateau in the center of the island. With its fortified walls and central strategic location it is no wonder why it was the island’s capital from antiquity to medieval times.

Stepping inside Mdina it’s like you are taking the time machine back to another era. High walls and silent small streets and almost white buildings with strange balconies set the mood. Stillness and calm are the words that best describe the spirit of Mdina now, but behind the walls is a lot of history. Phoenicians, Romans, Byzantine and Arabs treasured its importance.

Things to do in the Silent City include:

  • wandering the streets and finding great architecture;
  • get some souvenirs from the Mdina Glass shop;
  • visiting Saint Paul Cathedral and Saint Roque’s Chapel;
  • have lunch/dinner at the Fontanella Tea Garden enjoy wonderful views and admire Malta from the Bastion Square.

Another tip that I have for you is after visiting Mdina, cross the street and take a stroll in Rabat, originally the suburb of Mdina. You will find on the small streets full of charm the Parish Church of Saint John and Saint Paul Grotto.

Have you been in Malta or plan on travelling there? Hope you enjoy my posts and if you have any questions, I am here to answer.


Main entry


Saint Paul Cathedral


Yes, red telephone booths because Malta was for 100 years part of the British Empire


Saint Roque’s Chapel


Palazzo Falson





Parish Church of Saint John

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Valletta memories

Dear friends,

As 2016 gets closer to its end,  I keep in my mind the summer memories from Malta. Valletta is the capital city of Malta and was officially recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1980. It is for sure a destination that must be on your list.

A great way to get to Valletta is to take the ferry from Sliema. They leave every 15 minutes and the single ticket is 1,50 euro, return 2,80 euro.

I was in Valletta twice during my trip in Malta this summer and the main reason for that was the fact we didn’t get to visit Saint John’s Co-Cathedral the first time because of a private ceremony taking place there. So, my advice to you is to check their schedule before you arrive there.

My favourite places in Valletta

If you are looking for a great place to take a taste of the maltese cuisine Cafe Cordina it’s your place. The traditional pastizzi and excellent food are found there.

Saint John’s Co-Cathedral it’s the jewel of Valletta and you should visit if you want to be impressed by the history of Malta.

Upper Barrakka Gardens gives you spectacular views over the Grand Harbour and the three cities. If you arrive before 12.00 you will find a good sight of the saluting battery.

Have a wonderful merry Christmas or holidays! Hope you will all enjoy your time with friends and family!

Upper Barrakka Gardens


Upper Barraka Gardens



Day trip to the island of Gozo (Still dreaming of Malta)

Dear Diary,

Even if winter is getting closer, I still have my trip to Malta on my mind. Spending a week there in July was really something to remember my whole life. If you get there, you should definitely have a day trip to the island of Gozo. For that you need to get to Cirkewwa Ferry Terminal and the boat will take you in 25 minutes to Mgarr Harbour of Gozo. I was there with my mother and uncle Mark who lives in Malta and he was so kind to be our personal guide.

The first place we explored was Xlendi Bay. This is a great place for swimming and enjoying the sun with a cup of iced coffee. I was really impressed by the colors of the water in Malta in general and Xlendi Beach didn’t disappoint as well.

Next stop on our day trip was the stunning Azure Window. I  was looking forward to visiting this sublime work of nature and it was much more magnificent than I imagined.

After all the swimming and exploring we were getting hungry so the next stop was Mo’s Diner at the suggestion of Mark, my uncle. This will remain in our memory as the place where my mother ate her first burger. I have to say that the food here was delicious.

At the end of our visit in Gozo we saw the Victoria Citadel. We walked around and admired this area that is part of the list of the UNESCO World Heritage sites since 1998. The sublime views from the top was the highlight of our day in Gozo.

Enjoy the photos and if you have any thought or questions, please let me know! 🙂


Xlendi Bay
Xlendi Bay
Azure Window
Azure Window


Mo’s Diner Burger
Sublime views
Saint George’s Basilica



Cruise around the islands of Malta

Dear Diary,

At Sliema Bay you can find a lot of ways to get to see Malta by sailing with small boats, big boats, catamarans and so on.You get to see from the boat a lot of things from Valletta, Malta’s Capital City, the Grand Harbour Entrance, Marsascala Bay, St. Thomas Bay, Island Bay and Peter’s Pool, past Delimara Point and Marsaxlokk Bay, Malta’s largest fishing village and past the Blue Grotto, Dingli Cliffs, Popeye’s Village, Mellieħa Bay, St. Paul’s Island and St. Julian’s Bay.

We had the most pleasant day cruising around from 9 am to 6 pm and visiting the wonderful Comino for 2 hours. I have no words to describe the Blue Lagoon. You need to see the light turquoise water with your own eyes.

Just a few photos from the cruise around the islands of Malta.

Comino – Blue Lagoon
Comino – Blue Lagoon
Comino – Blue Lagoon
Comino – Blue lagoon



At the Blue Grotto – Malta

Dear diary,

I remember today the first day i started to discover the beauty of Malta. This happend in the summer of 2016 when me and my mother were invited there by my aunt who lives in Swieqi – Malta.

The highlight of our first day was the Blue Grotto. It’s a unique place that left me speachless. All you have to do is take the boat trip and be amazed by the rock formations.

I think this was also the first thing i saw from the plane before we landed. 🙂 Please correct me if i am wrong.

Top tip: if you are a good swimmer, dive into the water.




Something interesting about Malta

Dear Diary,

This summer, me and my mother visited my aunt and uncle in Malta. We enjoyed ourselves with wonderful views (more about that in a next post). But there is something special about these maltese doors. I love all the different colours and styles.

I have one big regret, that I didn’t get to take a photo of a bright purple door that I saw from the car. But maybe that should be the reason to visit beautiful Malta again.

Have you been to Malta? What did you like most about your trip there?