Czech Republic

Our Eurotrip – next stop – Prague

Dear wanderers,

In the previous post I recounted the days we discovered Berlin and our experience in the German capital (Our Eurotrip – first stop – Berlin). As I told you, our Eurotrip was planned around these 4 major european cities – Berlin, Prague, Vienna and Munich.

After our last morning in Berlin, our road trip continues with half a day and a night spent in wonderful Prague. After a speedy check in at the Eurowings Hotel we storm out to get lost in the city.

Prague surprised us in the most enchanting way, I think maybe because we didn’t have a lot of expectations from it. To get a sense of the city we walked from our hotel to Wenceslas Square where you can find the National Museum. After that we really got lost :)) but that was an amazing experience. We found a nice park with sensational views over the city and also by accident we found the Dancing House.

We walked by the Vltava River enjoying the views, we found swans and happy people giving them food. We stopped for a refreshing beer by the river and although it started to pour a little, that gave Prague an even more alluring feel. When we arrived at Charles Bridge it started to rain heavily so we took a little break at its entry point. I have one big regret, that we didn’t have enough time to go on the other side of the river and visit the Prague Castle and its surroundings.

Walking in a rainy Prague on a summer evening was so romantic and such a lovely memory that will make us come back one day for a longer stay. If you get the chance to visit Prague, you will have a surprise and you won’t regret a moment of it. Don’t forget that the historic center of the city is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Any comments and question, I am here for you. Enjoy the photos!





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